What causes dehydration?


Dehydration can be a serious condition if the treatment of dehydration is not given properly. Dehydration results in excessive loss of water from a body. As a result of dehydration minerals and electrolytes are lost from the body and it is very important to replace these electrolytes and minerals. There are many causes of dehydration. Some of them are listed below.

Dehydration  symptoms results when toxins and contaminated substances are released from the body through urine

  • Sweating in warm weather also causes dehydration
  • Fever is one of the major causes of infant dehydration
  • Dehydration occurs with the aging process
  • Diarrhea causes dehydration
  • Signs of dehydration also results when lot of medication for some disease is taken
  • Obesity is a surprising dehydration cause
  • Dehydration also occurs during infectious diseases since contaminants are lost through urine
  • Breathing takes lot of water so it can also cause dehydration
  • Certain foods like alcohol, sugar and caffeine also causes dehydration
  • One of the environmental dehydration cause is high altitude

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