What is the treatment of beriberi?


The main goal of the treatment of beriberi is a thiamine replacement in the body. Thiamine supplements are used for this purpose. Thiamine can be taken orally or in the form of injectable. Treatment of beriberi is necessary for a better recovery and quick improvement of beriberi symptoms.

Balancing the level of thiamine in the body is important for beriberi treatment. Administration of thiamine hydrochloride is taken for the treatment of beriberi and beriberi symptoms. Higher doses of thiamine in a body help to provide relief against the symptoms of beriberi. Unrefined cereals should be used to improve thiamine deficiency.
Unpolished rice is an important source of thiamine. Fish, egg and meat are also used for a beriberi treatment.  Person with beriberi disease should use fresh vegetables, fruits and milk products as they can be considered as thiamine supplements. The beriberi treatment described above is for wet beriberi and dry beriberi.


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