What causes common cold?


As the name suggests, every year there are over one billion common cold episodes in the United States. It is more common than any other type of illness. Children having common cold may have it until they grow up. Common cold and flu is a contagious disease. Common cold is a year round disease.Symptoms of common cold spread with nose-blowing, sneezing and nose-wiping activities. People suffering from common cold spreads virus to healthy persons sitting nearby. They remain contagious in first three days from the onset of common cold symptoms and non-contagious by 7 or 10th day of the disease. Common cold is the most common illness throughout the world.

Rhinovirus, which is a common cold causing virus develop and survive at lower temperature in a nose. This virus can survive for about 3 hours on formica surface and a doorknob. So, the cold remedies are not important for the treatment of common cold.


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