How can we diagnose dehydration?


Diagnosis of dehydration needs a clinical diagnosis. Different levels and causes of dehydration are accessed by healthcare practitioner. Signs of dehydration are diagnosed on the basis of physical examination of a patient like no urination, lack of elasticity in the skin and sunken eyes. A dehydrated person experiences a low blood pressure in standing or lying position.A dehydrated person also experiences faster heart rate as well as a decreased blood flow to the extremities. Dehydration in children is also confirmed by certain diagnostic tests of dehydration like:

  • Urinalysis:

Urine test helps to determine the extent and degree of dehydration

  • Blood tests:

Blood samples of a dehydrated person are taken to check the levels of electrolytes and especially the levels of potassium and sodium in a body which will tell how better the kidneys of patient are working.  Temperature is also measured to access the fever. Infant dehydration is diagnosed by checking the sunken eyes, muscle tone and sweat loss in arm pits.


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