Diagnostic features of anorexia nervosa


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder which is much difficult to be diagnosed and need immediate anorexia nervosa treatment from anorexia nervosa treatment centers. Mostly, individuals want to hide the ailment of anorexia nervosa from other people. This act of secrecy often accompanies many other anorexia nervosa symptoms. Individuals with this suffering usually deny having such problem.In most of the cases, the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa is made when complications develop. The attention is made when weight loss of a person occurs. When anorexics are examined they are often found malnourished and do not provide accurate information. The proper information is often obtained from parents or care takers of a patient.

In order to estimate the total weight loss and the extent of disease questionnaires are often administered as a screening test for eating disorders anorexia nervosa. Diagnosis of anorexia is made through the following conditions.

  • Person’s refusal to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Fear of gaining weight
  • Weight loss not observed properly



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