How can we treat dehydration?


Treatment of dehydration is to control and replace the loss of fluids and the loss of electrolytes. Dehydration treatment depends on the age, cause of dehydration and the severity of dehydration. Healthcare practitioners should follow the dehydration treatment for dehydration in children on the following lines of advice.Oral dehydration fluid should be used. In case of infant dehydration or baby dehydration oral rehydration solutions like pedialyte is taken if infants experience fever, vomiting and diarrhea.  Such fluids can replenish the loss of mineral salts and electrolytes from the body and are digested easily.

Breast feeding should not be stopped in case of chronic dehydration but one should take lactose free diet because in case of diarrhea it is very difficult to digest and absorb lactose diet. Certain drinks and fluids should be avoided in dehydration headache and oral rehydration solution should be taken.  Certain fluids like caffeine, fruit juices, milk, gelatins and sodas should not be used during dehydration.


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