Atrial fibrillation treatment and cure


Atrial fibrillation treatment needs a complete consideration of symptoms of atrial fibrillation so that proper diagnosis of the disease can be made. A cardiologist provides certain suggestions for the evaluation of the disease. Only a comprehensive diagnosis of atrial fibrillation can help in the atrial fibrillation pathophysiology.

The main objective of atrial fibrillation treatment includes:

  • Prevention against blood clotting
  • Slow down heart rate
  • Normal rhythm of heart

Not only one type of treatment in this case is sufficient rather people having atrial fibrillation usually require more types of atrial fibrillation treatment. The options of treatment for atrial fibrillation include:

  • Medications
  • Non-surgical procedures
  • Using medical devices like atrial fibrillation pacemaker
  • Surgical procedures

The treatment of atrial fibrillation depends on flowing factors:

  • Health of a patient
  • Age
  • Treatment of an underlying disease
  • Symptoms of atrial fibrillation
  • Type of atrial fibrillation

Some patients are treated with general physician while some may be referred to the cardiologist.



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