Cholera diagnosis in adults and children


Diagnosis of cholera is based on the history of a patient’s disease suffering from cholera. Many questions are asked by a doctor including travel history, use of current medicines, recent medical conditions, current history of drinks and foods consumed by the patient. The doctor advises a physical exam for a complete diagnosis of cholera. Physician asks for some stool sample of a patient in case of the cholera disease.

Stool sample will reveal the presence of vibrio cholera bacteria, an important cause of cholera epidemic, in the stool. The stool sample is further investigated in the laboratory. Blood culture of the diseased person is also performed. Many diagnostic tests for cholera toxin are available that help health care providers to diagnose and confirm cholera spreading in remote areas. Quick diagnosis reduces death rates at the onset of cholera outbreaks and help to plan other interventions to control the cholera causes.




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