What causes cholera in adults and children?


Drinking and eating contaminated food causes cholera. Cholera epidemic occurs after some natural disaster when clean supply of food and drinking water become unavailable. History of cholera suggests that cholera can spread from the affected people that use contaminated water. Uncooked vegetables and fruits as well as raw shellfish are some of the other causes of cholera. Vibrio cholera bacteria, that causes cholera is found in our environment and exists in two cycles, i.e. one in humans and other in the environment.Cholera outbreak usually occurs in fall and spring. Vibrio cholera occurs in coastal waters and attaches themselves to crustaceans (copepods). Sources of its infection are:

  • Well or surface water
  • Seafood
  • Grains
  • Raw vegetables and fruits

Vibrio cholera is a major source of cholera. It produces cholera toxin called CTX that binds itself to the walls of intestine. Here, it intervenes with a routine flow of chlorine and sodium.



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