Possible treatment of premature ejaculation suggested by physicians


Premature ejaculation treatment involves premature ejaculation therapy. This is conducted by trained health professionals who can treat sexual dysfunction. Both sexual partners should take part in the specialized therapeutic program. It should be kept in mind that treatment of premature ejaculation need commitment by sexual partners, dedication and patience.Stopping premature ejaculation demands the avoidance of intercourse for many weeks. This can provide relief from performance anxiety which can interfere during the therapy. Premature ejaculation therapy also involves behavioral techniques. This type of treatment in its preliminary stage is called sensate focus. This also involves the concentration of a man on orgasm and sexual arousal process.

Both sexual partners participate in the premature ejaculation treatment thus maintaining the consciousness of patient’s ejaculation and sensation. These techniques involve squeeze technique and stop and start technique. SSRI inhibitors have been proven to be effective drugs in the treatments for premature ejaculation and used to prevent premature ejaculation.


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