What happens in premature ejaculation?


In case of premature ejaculation, patient or couple ejaculates earlier and satisfaction is not attained from intercourse. Premature ejaculation accompanies frustration, interpersonal difficulties and emotional upset along with a reduced sexual fulfillment and need premature ejaculation remedy with different herbs for premature ejaculation. Both male orgasm and ejaculation are different episodes. Some men can differentiate between premature ejaculation and male orgasm, which allow them to enjoy the sensations.The sensation is associated with orgasm and follows the emission of semen. In such cases the sexual partner can achieve sexual satisfaction and orgasm thus overcoming premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can be primary or secondary. Ejaculation here occurs within less vaginal penetration. Premature ejaculation leads to inability in delaying ejaculation with vaginal penetration.

Secondary premature ejaculation causes some personal distress and relationship problems. Feeling of unsatisfaction ranges from a point of penetration to the point that reaches just after the penetration. Sometime ejaculation occurs while foreplaying. Symptoms of premature ejaculation include increased breathing, heart beat and loss of sexual enjoyment.


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