Diagnosing premature ejaculation


A detailed medical and sexual history of a person is required for the diagnosis of premature ejaculation.  A complete physical examination is also done in many cases. Abnormal hormone levels of testosterone are detected with the help of blood tests in a man with erectile dysfunction or impotence.Diagnosis of premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation treatment are made by consultation with a sexual therapist who can give premature ejaculation tips and tell the ways how to stop premature ejaculation. Person’s sexual history include all the relevant information about sexual experience, present and past sexual relationship and all those circumstances in which the sexual condition started for the first time.

Physical examination of a diseased person turns out to be normal. Sexual history of a person is a best source to diagnose premature ejaculation. Sexual therapist should take information from both sexual partners and suggest the cures for premature ejaculation. This can add valuable information to the diagnosing procedure. Sexual capabilities of a female sexual partner are also analyzed by a gynecologist. This confirms the structure as well the size of her genital parts needed for a premature ejaculation of male.


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