Urgent diagnosis of appendicitis is necessary


Appendicitis pain can change and impart difficulties in the diagnosis of appendicitis. Abdominal pain results from many other health problems. Appendicitis is not the only cause of abdominal pain. Signs and symptoms of appendicitis are important for appendicitis diagnosis. Different procedures and tests are adopted to diagnose appendicitis.Doctors may advise certain physical exams to diagnose the abdominal pain. Doctor applies pressure on the abdominal pain area. Appendicitis pain becomes worse when the pressure is released, which indicates the inflammation of peritoneum area. Abdominal rigidity and stiffness of abdominal muscles are some other signs of appendicitis

High count of white blood cells indicates infection in the body and inflammation. Urinalysis is done to ensure if there are kidney stones and inflammation. Moreover, an abdominal x-ray, computerized tomography scan (CT) and ultrasound scan are also advised by the physician to confirm appendicitis. This helps to find many other abdominal pain causes.


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