How can we diagnose adrenal fatigue?


Diagnosis of adrenal fatigue is in fact not performed in a typical medical visit. Many physicians don’t know what adrenal fatigue is. Adrenal fatigue diagnosis is made using special laboratory diagnostic tests.  Adrenal fatigue symptoms of a person help in the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. Accurate diagnosis of adrenal gland fatigue demands confirmation of the fatigue disease from symptoms of adrenal fatigue and the laboratory tests.Sometimes it happens that when a person goes for the medical examination for chronic fatigue, physicians declare him to be disease free. It is advised that if someone wants a serious diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, he should go to a physician who is expert in diagnosis and treatment of adrenal fatigue.

Diagnosis is also based on levels of DHEA and cortisol in the blood. Adrenal fatigue supplements help to maintain a proper balance of hormones. This can enhance our ability to handle the stressful situations in life.


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