How to cure adrenal fatigue?


Consultation with a specialist is required for the treatment of adrenal fatigue. After a proper diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, adrenal fatigue treatment is necessary.  Physicians usually provide adrenal fatigue supplements to cure the disease of adrenal glands whose reduced activity make the body unable to fight against stress.Along with natural adrenal fatigue treatments, treatment with vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium supplements is also useful. Change in life style and habits of food eating also matters.  Adrenal gland fatigue patients are advised to take proper uninterrupted sleep. Certain relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation can help reducing the stress symptoms.

People suffering from adrenal fatigue symptoms should indulge in swimming, jogging, walking, dancing and routine exercises, which help to make their immune system stronger and reduce anxiety and tensions. To recover from adrenal fatigue effectively, it is advised not to take drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.


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