What causes appendicitis to occur?


Causes of appendicitis are not properly understood. This can be due to many factors i.e. obstruction and ulceration within the appendix and bacterial invasion are major appendicitis causes. These conditions allow favorable sites for bacterial multiplication and appendix pain. In such conditions appendix get inflammation and swells. It becomes rupture when it fills with pus cells.Rupture signs include appendicitis symptoms, which retained for more than 24 hours.  These symptoms of appendicitis include fast heartbeat, increased count of white blood cells and high fever. Sometime the symptoms and signs of appendicitis disappear when appendicitis treatment is provided with antibiotics but symptoms of appendicitis can occur again.

Obstruction within the appendix causes the inflammation and swelling of appendix as a result of which it becomes necessary to remove the inflamed part through surgery. If appendix is not removed, it can rupture to spread infection throughout the abdomen. This rupture may cause the formation of abscess, which is a pocket filled with pus.


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