What causes adrenal fatigue?


When adrenal glands do not fulfill the stress demands, adrenal fatigue is likely to develop. Adrenal glands prepare the body to accept different situations of stress whether the stress is psychological, emotional or physical. The adrenal glands perform this function via hormones that can regulate the energy storage and its production, muscle tone, heart rate and immune function, which also control fatigue causes.

In case of emotional crisis such as illness or death of beloved ones, a physical stress like surgery or any kind of stress or crisis that can impart major changes in one’s life demands functioning of adrenal glands to maintain homeostasis while responding to stressful situations in life

In case of insufficient response from the adrenal glands, there is a possibility that a person is suffering from adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. When a person has adrenal fatigue, it does not mean that adrenal glands are not functioning. They do function but not in appropriate way required to maintain homeostasis because the working of regulatory hormones becomes diminished due to over-stimulation and need necessary adrenal fatigue treatment with adrenal fatigue supplements.


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