Causes of gastritis


Gastritis is caused by bacterial infections. Helicobacter pylori cause infection of chronic gastritis for which gastritis treatment is necessary. H.pylori affects the lining of stomach and can produce stomach cancer. This bacterium is transmitted from person to person through contaminated food and water. Poor sanitation conditions also cause gastritis symptoms.

Gastritis is most common in United States. Here the disease is higher in areas of high population density and poor sanitation conditions. Infection rates are higher in developing countries. The most common cause of erosive gastritis both acute and chronic forms is a prolonged use of medicines particularly nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Erosive gastritis is also caused by radiation, cocaine and excessive use of alcohol.

Acute erosive gastritis is caused by major surgery, severe burns, critical illness and traumatic injuries. It is also called stress gastritis. Other gastritis causes which are less common include:

  • Digestive disorders and diseases such as pernicious anemia and Crohn’s disease
  • Autoimmune disorders



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  1. ANNA says:

    HI this is Anna my problem is Ihave gastristis chronic for 8 year same time I fell pain same time no this happen wen I get nervios or apset do you thing I can fine any good medicin for this problem tahks for you help.