What is electrocardiogram?


Electrocardiogram or ECG test is a simple and painless test in which the electrical activity of heart is recorded. This test helps to understand the functioning of heart. The electrical signals of heart set the heat beat rhythm. An EKG is used by the doctors to study heart problems like arrhythmias, heart failure and heart attacks. An EKG is used to show:

  • Speed of heartbeat
  • Rhythm of heart beat
  • The timing and strength of electrical signals

This test also suggests other disorders of heart that affect the functioning of heart e.g. it shows if a person is suffering from dyspnea, angina, palpitations and fainting. An electrocardiogram is also used to check the working of pacemakers, heart health when there are other diseases as well such as diabetes, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also used to find the cause of an unexplained chest pain that occur due to angina and heart attack.


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