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Treatment of Malaria by Home Remedies

Malaria treatment at home

Malaria treatment is done with oral antimalarial drugs and fluids in much of the world. Severe malarial infections require IV drug therapy. Malaria disease is usually first treated in the hospital but for home care malaria treatment the most important aspect is that patient should drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. Malaria cure by malaria vaccination is another treatment of malaria.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria

Early malaria diagnosis and timely malaria treatment reduces morbidity and thus malaria prevention from malaria deaths. The malaria test for malaria diagnosis commonly recommended by doctors is a blood smear on a microscope slide which is stained to show whether malaria parasite is present in the red blood cells or not. Although malaria diagnosis is easily done by this test yet other tests based on immunologic principles i.e. rapid diagnostic tests are also recommended to get proper malaria treatments.

Causes and Symptoms of Malaria

The cause of malaria is a mosquito carrying malaria parasite. Malaria risk factors include traveling in those areas which are favorable for malaria mosquito development. Malaria symptoms can occur despite intake of anti-malarial drugs for malaria medication. Symptoms of malaria occur within 9 to 14 days. The general malaria symptoms include:

What Is Malaria?

Malaria is an infectious disease, caused by malaria plasmodium which is a malaria parasite (malaria mosquito). This can be the answer of a question how is malaria transmitted. In case of malaria, malaria plasmodium infects red blood cells. Malaria is generally characterized by cycles of fever, pain, chills and sweating. Malaria history shows that malaria has infected humans since the beginning of mankind. Malaria disease needs proper malaria vaccination. Malaria in Africa is a major problem. It is recommended to use malaria nets for malaria control. Malaria is the most important issue on world malaria day as shown by malaria facts and figures.

What are tropical diseases?

There are many tropical diseases that are not present in one’s particular country. Hot and humid climatic conditions are basically ideal for many diseases. The tropical diseases can be transmitted by some insects and can be cured by tropical medicine. Some are water borne and some are carried via food. Most tropical diseases are transmitted through human contact.

Causes of Jaundice?

Liver which is an important organ of our body picks and remove bilirubin from the body. Jaundice will occur if there is too much bilirubin in the blood. Obstruction of bile duct results in an excess build up of bilirubin.Hemolytic jaundice is caused by an increased rate of haemolysis.