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What are the five signs of skin cancer and its causes?

What is skin cancer?

Cancer basically develops when a DNA molecule (which is responsible for encoding genetic information) is damaged making the body unable to repair the damage. The damaged cells grow rapidly and divide uncontrollably. When this process occurs in the skin, it results in the development of signs of skin cancer.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Lymphedema in Context With Breast Cancer?

Lymphedema or symptoms of lymphedema are intensified by prolonged standing, obesity, pregnancy, menstrual period and warm weather creating major symptoms of lymphedema.These can also be regarded as causes of lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs within a few days, months or years after surgery. In case of lymphedema, there is small amount of swelling usually for first hour to six weeks after surgery.Lymphedema generally develops after breast surgery with prominent lymphedema symptoms as there is an alteration in the pathway which drains all those fluids that are involved in the immune system. Local and general swellings are the two major symptoms of lymphedema.

What Is Eye Cancer?

Eye cancer or cancer of the eye is among uncommon types of cancers. Eye cancer usually affects the outer parts of the eye like eyelid, which is made up of skin, muscles and nerves. If an eye cancer starts inside the eyeball then it is called intraocular cancer. Lymphoma and melanoma falls among most common intraocular cancers. Eye cancer retinoblastoma is one of the most common eye cancers in children and usually starts in the cells of the retina creating severe eye cancer symptoms. Cancer cells can also spread to the other parts of the body.

What is AIDS-Related Cancer?

The AIDS-Related Cancers are actually a group of cancers that develop more frequently in persons with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. The most common form of AIDS-related cancer is Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) which was one of the most common and first indications of AIDS epidemic. According to recent research, the number of AIDS-related cancers has been increasing by 2% to 3%.

Radiotherapy for bladder cancer

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is a therapy where a radiation oncologist makes use of high energy X-rays to destroy the tumor. In fact, surgery is a primary preference factor for the doctors in which doctors surgically remove part of the bladder and treat it with radiation and chemotherapy.

Power of turmeric to treat breast cancer

Turmeric is so powerful in fighting against cancer. Nowadays, scientists consider it one of the most effective natural anti-cancer herbs. There are 1300 available published studies that have documented many diverse facts and amazing healing properties of turmeric for breast cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness & Biological Therapy

Biological therapy helps our immune system to fight with cancer. This immune system is basically the natural defense mechanism of our body. Some women are given medical biological therapy treatment for breast cancers, which is called Herceptin.It is basically a monoclinal antibody which is made in the laboratory and then binds to the cancer cells.Herceptin is given to those women whose diagnosis and lab tests confirm the development of breast cancer and the warning signs of breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer and screening process

Before breast cancer symptoms developed, screening is most important. Screening basically helps physicians and doctors to find the final treatment for cancer. When cancer is diagnosed early, treatment will work well. Screening tests suggested by doctor include: Breast self-exam, clinical breast exam and screening mammogram.

Lung Cancer Symptoms | Causes of Lung Cancer

Paraneoplastic syndrome basically is the indirect and remote effects of cancer, which are not directly related to the invasion of tumor cells in an organ. More often they are caused by the chemicals that release from cancers, It includes the symptoms such as: Deposition of some extra tissues under the fingernails, formation of a new bone under arms or along lower legs, anemia which is lowering in the number of red blood cells, high calcium and low sodium level in the blood, other effects include muscle weakness, degeneration of a brain, skin rashes, weight loss and fatigue.

What are different types of Breast cancer?

For a better understanding of prognosis and rather better treatment options, it is important that patient should know about with what type of breast cancer, she is suffering. Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) is one of the different types of breast cancer, which accounts for 78 % of many diagnosed cases. On mammograms, it appears as well circumscribed or star like areas. The star like lesions has a poor prognosis.

What is breast cancer? A brief introduction

Breast cancer definition: Cancer which is formed in breast tissues usually in the ducts (ducts that used to carry the milk to nipples) and lobules (glands, which make milk).Its occurrence is common in both male and female, although breast cancer in males is rare.In US new cases for breast cancer in females and males are 192,370 and 1,910 respectively while the death rate in female is 40,170 and in male is 440.

What Is Melanoma?

Melanoma is the most common and serious type of skin cancer. First symptoms of melanoma is a change in shape, color or feel of a mole.Mostly, melanoma have black or black-blue area. Melanoma can also appear as a new mole. This mole suggesting melanoma may be ugly, black or abnormal. If melanoma moles are not removed in the early melanoma stages, the cancer cells can grow downward into the healthy tissues. Melanoma cancer then spreads to other parts of the body which create condition worse to control.

What is AIDS?

AIDS stand for an acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Immune deficiency means that body is too weak to fight against the diseases and infections while the syndrome means a group of those health problems that together make up a disease.

Symptoms Of Mesothelioma

Symptoms of Mesothelioma cancer are not very specific that’s why these symptoms do not give a clear idea to an ordinary person about his/her disease (infection), so only a doctor is better able to  diagnose the cancer after checking up the patients. Sometimes delay in treatment is resulted just because of difficulty in getting perfect indication of Meosthelioma cancer. The description of common symptoms of four major types of Mesothelioma is as follows:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma

Diagnosis of melanoma is done when doctor suspects some spot on the skin to be one of the symptoms of melanoma. A biopsy is a general way for a definite diagnosis of melanoma. This procedure and melanoma treatment involves removing all the suspicious tissue growths. But if the growth is too large to remove, the doctor just takes a sample of that specific affected tissue. A biopsy is done usually in the doctor’s office using anesthesia. The doctors do not shave off the affected suspected melanoma tissue growth. If the diagnosis of melanoma is found to be positive, the doctor then needs to find the stages of melanoma.