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Lung Cancer Symptoms | Causes of Lung Cancer

Paraneoplastic syndrome basically is the indirect and remote effects of cancer, which are not directly related to the invasion of tumor cells in an organ. More often they are caused by the chemicals that release from cancers, It includes the symptoms such as: Deposition of some extra tissues under the fingernails, formation of a new bone under arms or along lower legs, anemia which is lowering in the number of red blood cells, high calcium and low sodium level in the blood, other effects include muscle weakness, degeneration of a brain, skin rashes, weight loss and fatigue.

What is Lung Cancer and Why it Happened ?

Lung cancer is a cancer that forms in interlining cells of air passages. Main types are small cell lung cancer and other one is non small cell lung cancer. These types are based on how the cells look under a microscope. In US, in 2009 new lung cancer cases are estimated to be 219,440 and estimated death rates are 159,390.