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What is the treatment of common cold?

No specific cures for common cold are available. The generalized treatment of common cold can help to relieve the symptoms of common cold and make a patient feel better. Natural home remedies for the common cold are more effective than the use of antibiotics.

What is the diagnosis of common cold?

Some symptoms of common cold help in the diagnosis of common cold. These symptoms include running nose, sneezing and fatigue. Fever may or may not accompany common colds. The common cold can be diagnosed easily by a person without seeing a doctor.

What causes common cold?

As the name suggests, every year there are over one billion common cold episodes in the United States. It is more common than any other type of illness. Children having common cold may have it until they grow up. Common cold and flu is a contagious disease. Common cold is a year round disease.

What are the symptoms of common cold?

Symptoms of common cold ensure better remedies for common cold. Common cold symptoms appear in 1 to 2 days after affecting with common cold causing virus. As the symptoms run ahead the color of nose discharge become yellow and green. Clear symptoms of cold are necessary for common cold treatment or cold remedies.

What is common cold? What are the causes of common cold?

The common cold is an infection of upper respiratory tract. Common cold is the most common disease in U.S. Sometimes it is simply declared a common cold contagious and results from different kinds of viruses. Common cold occurs due to variety of different viruses so our body usually fails to develop any specific resistance against all such common cold causing viruses. New viruses for common cold develop constantly.

Is Swine Flu Life Threatening?

What is Swine flu?

Swine flu is actually a respiratory disease that is caused by viruses, which infect the respiratory tract of pigs and consequently, cause nasal secretions, decreased appetite, a barking like cough and restless behavior. The pigs that last can retain swine flue for one to two weeks. Virus of swine influenza first isolated from pigs in the U.S in 1930.People mainly develop swine flu due to their interaction with pigs.