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What is the treatment of beriberi?

The main goal of the treatment of beriberi is a thiamine replacement in the body. Thiamine supplements are used for this purpose. Thiamine can be taken orally or in the form of injectable. Treatment of beriberi is necessary for a better recovery and quick improvement of beriberi symptoms.

What is the diagnosis of beriberi?

To start a clinical treatment of beriberi, the diagnosis of beriberi is most important and preliminary aspect. Erythrocyte transketolase activity in the peripheral blood is measured. There is not practical way to determine the concentration of thiamine level and thiamine deficiency in the body.

What are the symptoms of beriberi?

The disorder of beriberi affects the whole nervous system. Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases are caused due to beriberi. Body converts carbohydrates into glucose in the presence of thiamine in the body. The most common symptoms of beriberi are fatigue and lethargy.

What are the causes of beriberi?

Causes of beriberi include deficiency of thiamine or vitamin B1 in daily diet. The function of this vitamin is to convert all forms of carbohydrates into energy that helps in nervous function, muscle and heart function. Fresh foods as well as unrefined cereals contain vitamin B1.

What is appendicitis?

Appendicitis is an inflammation of appendix which needs immediate and careful appendicitis treatment so, it is very important to understand appendicitis symptoms. Appendicitis is a serious surgical illness, which usually overlap with other clinical symptoms. There is no single symptom, sign or any diagnostic appendix test that can confirms the appendicitis diagnosis.

What is beriberi?

Beriberi is a name given to a disease caused by the deficiency to vitamin of B1 so this disease is also called thiamine deficiency disease. Most foods are now rich in vitamins so beriberi is no more a common disease caused by nutrition deficiency these days.