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Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Cancer

Eye cancer can spread to the optic nerve, the brain and the whole body.So, it is very important to make early diagnosis and eye cancer treatment. Melanoma spreads via blood vessels to distant organs of the body. Ophthalmologists and pathologists play an important role in the diagnosis and eye cancer treatment. They can determine the extent and progression of the tumor.

Causes and Symptoms of Eye Cancer

Genetics is not a cause of eye cancer but plays a role to cause eye cancer. It is believed that in case of eye cancer retinoblastoma, eye cancer is not hereditary if it develops in one eye.However, eye cancer is hereditary if it develops in both eyes. Those patients who have an eye cancer retinoblastoma usually have a rare risk of tumor development in the brain. The cause of intraocular melanoma is not clear. Age is also a factor in the cause of eye cancer. Eye cancer is most common in white people.This page explains the causes and symptoms of eye cancer

What is Color Blindness?

An overview

Color blindness is basically an inaccurate term to provide a description of lack of perceptual sensitivity for various colors, a more precise term is rather Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). Color blindness is basically a color vision deficiency in which there are certain colors, which cannot be distinguished. This is generally an inherited eye condition among which red and green color blindness is most common, or it may be caused by retina or optic nerve disease and is about 99%.