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Gallbladder Problems-Is Surgery mostly needed?

What is Gallbladder?

Gallbladder is the organ that absorbs inorganic bile salts and water, which later help in contracting movements to release the bile which is a digestive enzyme. This article will discuss the different gall bladder symptoms and the problems, which are responsible for their cause.

What are the main symptoms of gallbladder problems?

Alternative names for gallbladder problems are Cholecystitis, choledocholithiasis or bile duct stones. Following is an in-depth report on the symptoms of gallstones.

There are about 90% gallstones that show no symptoms and there is a least chance of pain after their formation in 10 years. After 10 years any chance of developing symptom drops.

Stress Chest Pains in Woman

It is threatening and frightening for women suffering from stress chest pains. There is a tightening sensation in the heart that is just similar to that in case of heart attack. A psychological thought that this tightening pain may be of heart attack can increase the chest pains.

How the cause of an abdominal pain diagnosed?

Doctors consider some attributes to diagnose the abdominal pain which include: pain characteristics, endoscopic, radiological and laboratory testing, surgery, diagnosis on physical examination and symptoms of abdominal pain. There is some of the information, which is taken from patient’s history that helps doctors to diagnose the disease.