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Causes of gastritis

Gastritis is caused by bacterial infections. Helicobacter pylori cause infection of chronic gastritis for which gastritis treatment is necessary. H.pylori affects the lining of stomach and can produce stomach cancer. This bacterium is transmitted from person to person through contaminated food and water. Poor sanitation conditions also cause gastritis symptoms.

What causes appendicitis to occur?

Causes of appendicitis are not properly understood. This can be due to many factors i.e. obstruction and ulceration within the appendix and bacterial invasion are major appendicitis causes. These conditions allow favorable sites for bacterial multiplication and appendix pain. In such conditions appendix get inflammation and swells. It becomes rupture when it fills with pus cells.

Urgent diagnosis of appendicitis is necessary

Appendicitis pain can change and impart difficulties in the diagnosis of appendicitis. Abdominal pain results from many other health problems. Appendicitis is not the only cause of abdominal pain. Signs and symptoms of appendicitis are important for appendicitis diagnosis. Different procedures and tests are adopted to diagnose appendicitis.

Major signs and symptoms of appendicitis

Every person suffering from appendicitis has all the symptoms of appendicitis. Appendicitis pain get worse while sneezing, coughing, breathing and moving as the specific abdominal pain area becomes tender. Sometimes people with appendicitis pain think that the bowel movement provides them comfort. All sorts of pain killers and laxatives should be avoided in this situation and one should seek a qualified physician.

How to treat appendicitis?

Appendicitis treatment depends on the appendicitis pain and appendicitis symptoms. The only proposed treatment of appendicitis is surgery (appendectomy). The main objective of appendix surgery is to remove it before its rupturing due to which infection spreads throughout the abdomen (peritonitis).

What causes cholera in adults and children?

Drinking and eating contaminated food causes cholera. Cholera epidemic occurs after some natural disaster when clean supply of food and drinking water become unavailable. History of cholera suggests that cholera can spread from the affected people that use contaminated water. Uncooked vegetables and fruits as well as raw shellfish are some of the other causes of cholera. Vibrio cholera bacteria, that causes cholera is found in our environment and exists in two cycles, i.e. one in humans and other in the environment.

An insight to the symptoms of cholera

People who are exposed to vibrio cholera (cholera bacterium) usually don’t suffer illness and don’t know whether they are infected or not. Cholera bacteria releases in stool up to 14 days and can infect other individuals. Many cases of cholera can cause moderate diarrhea. Symptoms of cholera develop in a ratio of one in ten. Prominent symptoms of cholera are:

Cholera diagnosis in adults and children

Diagnosis of cholera is based on the history of a patient’s disease suffering from cholera. Many questions are asked by a doctor including travel history, use of current medicines, recent medical conditions, current history of drinks and foods consumed by the patient. The doctor advises a physical exam for a complete diagnosis of cholera. Physician asks for some stool sample of a patient in case of the cholera disease.

What is cholera?

Cholera is an infectious disease of intestine caused by taking contaminated food and water. Cholera disease is caused by bacterium Vibrio cholerae. With short incubation period of 1 to 5 days, it produces enterotoxin, which can cause watery diarrhea and lead to dehydration. This can cause even death in case of improper cholera treatment.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is a stomach lining inflammation. Due to some injury, white blood cells enter into the stomach. Gastritis is not a cancer or ulcer. There can be acute and chronic gastritis.  Gastritis can be caused by many things. Mostly gastritis is caused by bacteria i.e. Helicobacter pylori, which is responsible for causing stomach ulcer. Other risk factors for gastritis include: