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Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in pregnant women. Breast feeding is an effective way to protect from breast cancer. Breast cancer research has shown that average patient is between 32 to 38 years old. Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer and gets it name from red, swollen […]

What is menopause?

Basically menopause is the absence of menstrual period for at least 12 months. During this time ovaries cease to function. During this period egg is released from an ovary which then travels from fallopian tubule to the uterus.

Awareness about birth control and family planning

What does a birth control mean? Birth control is basically a method which is used to control and prevent pregnancy. Contraception is another word used in this regard. A sex without having precautions would be more liable to get pregnant. This can happen, even if periods are not started or age is closer to menopause.Out […]

What is the Major Cause of Miscarriage?

Unfortunately there are many women who experience miscarriages for no special reason. It is very difficult to find a proper cause of miscarriage especially if occurs during the period of first trimester. A doctor examines fetal tissue to determine the cause of miscarriage. Sometimes, cause of miscarriage is determined after a careful examination.

How to Avoid Miscarriages?

It’s a traumatic experience for a woman to lose her baby, which can be due to many reasons. It can occur even when a female is totally unaware of her miscarriage, or, even if she doesn’t know of her pregnancy. Miscarriage is also called spontaneous abortion, still birth; ectopic pregnancy etc.