What are the symptoms of heart diseases?


Signs and symptoms of heart disease should be very clear for proper treatment of heart disease. Signs of heart attack include breath shortness, chest discomfort, and discomfort in upper areas of the body, light-headedness, cold sweat and nausea.Chest pain is the most common and clear symptom of heart disease. Chest pain can be described as squeezing, numbness, pressure, choking and pain in the chest. Description of chest pain symptoms can be vague but most heart disease symptoms are similar to the above description.

Abnormal heart beats are also the signs of heart diseases and increases heart disease risk factors. There can be many causes of dizziness such as anemia, long bed rest, viral illnesses, thyroid diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, heart failure, neurological disorders, vascular disease, gastrointestinal disturbances and cardiac arrhythnias. Fatigue and lethargy can also be the symptoms of heart diseases. Sleep apnea is also common in patients with heart diseases and need heart disease treatment.


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