Dengue fever prevention tips


Ades aegypti mosquito is a major cause of dengue fever. Aedes albopictus is also involve in the spread of dengue virus but it is rarely found. Stagnant water is a favorite breeding site for these mosquitos. So, the first prevention tip in case of dengue fever is to remove such water collection from a place where you live. People should not allow clean stagnant water to be accumulated in place for a long time. Following guidelines for dengue fever should be followed.

  • Plant pots should not be water logged.
  • Tray should not be used under air conditioners
  • Flower vase with water should be scrubbed and cleaned daily
  • The roots of plants and flowers should be washed so that mosquito eggs can be removed
  • There should not be any water logging in garden or in the drains.
  • There should not be any fallen leaves on roof gutters or apron drains.
  • There should not be water logging in water cooler

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