What is dengue virus?

Dengue virus or dengue fever virus comes from a Virus family ‘Flaviviridae.  It is transmitted to people by a bite of mosquitos Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti. Dengue virus structure shows that since these mosquitoes need warm climate so dengue is found in tropics. Dengue virus is transmitted when a mosquito of genus Aedes bite a person who is infected with dengue virus. The virus is then transmitted into the blood of mosquito that travels through its stomach and then salivary glands where dengue virus multiplies.

Causes of gastritis

Gastritis is caused by bacterial infections. Helicobacter pylori cause infection of chronic gastritis for which gastritis treatment is necessary. H.pylori affects the lining of stomach and can produce stomach cancer. This bacterium is transmitted from person to person through contaminated food and water. Poor sanitation conditions also cause gastritis symptoms.

What causes botulism?

The major cause of botulism is a bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is found in untreated water and soil. The spores created by bacteria subsist in canned food and produce botulinum toxin. Botulism food poisoning of foodborne botulism occurs when this botulinum toxin is ingested.

What is electrocardiogram?

Electrocardiogram or ECG test is a simple and painless test in which the electrical activity of heart is recorded. This test helps to understand the functioning of heart. The electrical signals of heart set the heat beat rhythm. An EKG is used by the doctors to study heart problems like arrhythmias, heart failure and heart attacks. An EKG is used to show:

What are the symptoms of heart diseases?

Signs and symptoms of heart disease should be very clear for proper treatment of heart disease. Signs of heart attack include breath shortness, chest discomfort, and discomfort in upper areas of the body, light-headedness, cold sweat and nausea.

What causes adrenal fatigue?

When adrenal glands do not fulfill the stress demands, adrenal fatigue is likely to develop. Adrenal glands prepare the body to accept different situations of stress whether the stress is psychological, emotional or physical. The adrenal glands perform this function via hormones that can regulate the energy storage and its production, muscle tone, heart rate and immune function, which also control fatigue causes.

What is the treatment of heart diseases?

Heart disease treatment depends on surgery, medication and other procedures. Different types of heart diseases are treated with different medications.  Nitrates, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. These drugs usually lower the blood pressure and lower the amount of blood that pumps to the heart. Drugs for heart diseases reduce the risk of heart attack especially in those patients who had a previous episode of heart attack or any risk factors for heart diseases.

How are heart diseases diagnosed?

Diagnosis of heart disease starts by taking the cardiac history of the patient about heart disease. Risk factors for heart disease are necessary to be evaluated that will ultimately confirm the symptoms of heart disease. Healthcare provider suggests certain tests to confirm heart disease. Basic tests for the diagnosis of heart disease are electrocardiogram (ECG) and stress testing.

What causes heart diseases?

Heart disease is a major death cause in America and a leading death cause in adults. Most common cardiovascular disease i.e. coronary artery disease is most common in America. There are many major and contributing risk factors of heart diseases. Some risk factors for heart disease can be changed, treated and modified but some cannot.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue for those suffering from adrenal gland fatigue

Physical, emotional and mental stress should be handled for human survival. Adrenal glands in our body have a complete set of regulatory system through which stress in the body is controlled. Adrenal gland fatigue and extreme fatigue results when adrenal glands fail to function properly thus reduce the body’s ability to handle stress.

How can we diagnose adrenal fatigue?

Diagnosis of adrenal fatigue is in fact not performed in a typical medical visit. Many physicians don’t know what adrenal fatigue is. Adrenal fatigue diagnosis is made using special laboratory diagnostic tests.  Adrenal fatigue symptoms of a person help in the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. Accurate diagnosis of adrenal gland fatigue demands confirmation of the fatigue disease from symptoms of adrenal fatigue and the laboratory tests.

How to cure adrenal fatigue?

Consultation with a specialist is required for the treatment of adrenal fatigue. After a proper diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, adrenal fatigue treatment is necessary.  Physicians usually provide adrenal fatigue supplements to cure the disease of adrenal glands whose reduced activity make the body unable to fight against stress.

What causes appendicitis to occur?

Causes of appendicitis are not properly understood. This can be due to many factors i.e. obstruction and ulceration within the appendix and bacterial invasion are major appendicitis causes. These conditions allow favorable sites for bacterial multiplication and appendix pain. In such conditions appendix get inflammation and swells. It becomes rupture when it fills with pus cells.

Diagnosing premature ejaculation

A detailed medical and sexual history of a person is required for the diagnosis of premature ejaculation.  A complete physical examination is also done in many cases. Abnormal hormone levels of testosterone are detected with the help of blood tests in a man with erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Urgent diagnosis of appendicitis is necessary

Appendicitis pain can change and impart difficulties in the diagnosis of appendicitis. Abdominal pain results from many other health problems. Appendicitis is not the only cause of abdominal pain. Signs and symptoms of appendicitis are important for appendicitis diagnosis. Different procedures and tests are adopted to diagnose appendicitis.